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We Welcome You.

Hello dear Visitor:

My name is Mario Romay Estanque, owner and President of J&M Building Consulting, and I am very pleased to extend a welcome to our company.
From now on, we are completely available to you, to partner with you to bring your dreams to life. It does not matter the size, the scope, or the complexity of what you have been dreaming or planning to do we are here for you.
Our talented and well-qualified team of specialists is full of energy, willingness to work hard, and a desire to serve you to turn your vision into reality. We are determined to fulfill and even exceed your expectations in terms of optimum quality and proper execution time.
Give us the opportunity to serve you, and you will not regret putting your trust in us. Our commitment to you will be based on solid professional ethics, transparency and excellent communication. This will allow you, if you wish, to become a part of our team, and not just another customer on the list.


Thank you for choosing us. We greatly look forward to working with you. 

Have a blessed day.

Lic. Mario Romay Estanque


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